City of Gary Releases RFP for 860 North Lake Street

The 860 North Lake Street property (“the Property”) is roughly twenty-one acres of lakefront real estate at the western gateway to the Indiana Dunes National Park adjacent to Gary’s Marquette Park to the east. For more information click here.

Construction Underway!

A key component to the Lakefront District plan is to connect to Lake Michigan. The city has begun improving infrastructure along Lake Street and will be completing a green infrastructure and streetscape plan for the Miller downtown in 2019.


No Major Environmental Impediments for the Double Track

The Double Track NWI Project has undergone an extensive environmental review process with the Northern Indiana Transit Commuter District and the Federal Transit Authority. A Phase II Environmental Assessment was completed in June 2017 and has found there to be no environmental impediments for the project. Eight soil samples were taken from sites along the proposed track and were tested for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) metals. The findings showed that the VOC, SVOC, and  RCRA metal levels in the soil and groundwater were within the mandated acceptable range given by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for 2017, thus posing no threat to the NWI Double Track project.


To read more about the environmental process click here or to access the full Phase II report, click here.

Meridian Hospitality Group Named Developer for Gary Lakefront District

Meridian Hospitality Group was recently named Master Developer for the City of Gary. Meridian will be working in three primary areas: the Waterfront Redevelopment Area, the Lake Street District and Miller

TOD Area, and the Aetna Neighborhood. The development team is excited to capitalize on the various opportunities available in Gary and are “proud to be a part of the experience in creating a national model for redevelopment.” To read more about the Meridian Hospitality Group’s progress and plans for Gary, click here.



Double Track NWI Added to Federal Transit Administration Funding Recommendation List

The Federal Transit Administration put the South Shore Line’s two major projects — the West Lake Corridor and Double Track NWI — in its annual list of funding recommendations, a significant step in moving those projects forward. Double Track would be a new set of rails between Gary and Michigan City, along with new stations in Gary’s Miller area, Portage/Ogden Dunes and Michigan City. Its capital cost would be $321 million, plus $33.5 million for financing, for a $354.5 million total.


To read more about the FTA list click here. For further information on Double Track NWI click here.

Gary News Update – September 2017

 Double Track N.W.I.

A crucial component in the implementation of the Lakefront District project is the improvement of the Miller Station. The current plans call for double tracking between Gary and Michigan City and will also make Miller station an origination station in order to directly connect Miller Station to Chicago.

A proposal from South Shore Line (SSL) is in the works to expand the existing rail line from Michigan City to Chicago. With the addition of a second track, the SSL will be able to achieve faster travel times, operate more trains, and create a safer road, rail, and pedestrian environment in Michigan City—all while better connecting Gary to Chicago and Michigan City in order to accelerate growth.

The SSL is in the process of the study and assessment phase of this project; an Environmental Assessment is currently being undertaken in order to have the potential for federal funding for the project.

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Lakefront Hotel

The Gary Redevelopment Commission has approved a master plan proposal that includes an agreement with Meridian Hospitality Group LLC that calls for the hospitality group to eventually complete construction of a hotel and 250 housing units on the East Lakefront area near Marquette Park. The process will include an intensive planning and pre-planning phase which will last about 18 months and include extensive studies and master plan preparation. The boundaries of the development project include roughly to Aetna Street on the west, County Line Road on the east, and the toll road to the south.

Source: Ed Bierschenk, Northwest Indiana Times, August 21, 2107.


For more information on the Gary Lakefront District, visit

HUD Strong Cities Strong Communities Report

This report details the Strong Cities Strong Communities initiatives at work in Gary since 2011. All together, these initiatives have successfully brought in roughly $34.5 million in coordinated investment to combat the various challenges that have faced Gary during the past 50 years.

Gary Lakefront District Plan June 6th

This presentation on Zoning and Form-Based Codes in Gary was given at a stakeholder meeting on June, 6th 2016.

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Lakefront District Form-Based Code Study

This presentation on the Lakefront District Form-Based Code Study was given as part of the April 6th, 2016 stakeholder meeting.

The presentation provides an overview of the zoning framework for the Lakefront District Plan. Urban designer Christopher Stienon of Vita Nuova reviews step-by-step an introduction to the project, a schedule of upcoming meetings, an outline of the intended project outcome, and a review of the analysis done to date of the sub-districts of the Lakefront.

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