Gary News Update – September 2017

 Double Track N.W.I.

A crucial component in the implementation of the Lakefront District project is the improvement of the Miller Station. The current plans call for double tracking between Gary and Michigan City and will also make Miller station an origination station in order to directly connect Miller Station to Chicago.

A proposal from South Shore Line (SSL) is in the works to expand the existing rail line from Michigan City to Chicago. With the addition of a second track, the SSL will be able to achieve faster travel times, operate more trains, and create a safer road, rail, and pedestrian environment in Michigan City—all while better connecting Gary to Chicago and Michigan City in order to accelerate growth.

The SSL is in the process of the study and assessment phase of this project; an Environmental Assessment is currently being undertaken in order to have the potential for federal funding for the project.

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Lakefront Hotel

The Gary Redevelopment Commission has approved a master plan proposal that includes an agreement with Meridian Hospitality Group LLC that calls for the hospitality group to eventually complete construction of a hotel and 250 housing units on the East Lakefront area near Marquette Park. The process will include an intensive planning and pre-planning phase which will last about 18 months and include extensive studies and master plan preparation. The boundaries of the development project include roughly to Aetna Street on the west, County Line Road on the east, and the toll road to the south.

Source: Ed Bierschenk, Northwest Indiana Times, August 21, 2107.


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