The Miller Beach Arts & Creative District (MBACD)

mbacdThe Miller Beach Arts & Creative District (MBACD) was formed in 2011 to address the economically depressed business district in the Miller neighborhood of Gary. MBACD’s mission is ”to create a diverse, welcoming and vibrant cultural destination for the visual, performing and culinary arts as a catalyst for community regeneration, sustainability and enriched quality of life” can be witnessed in the over 57 exhibitions and events with a cumulative attendance of 20,000+ since the group’s inception. Our success is evident in the eight new businesses that have opened and the significant increase in home sales.

The Miller neighborhood of Gary has the largest population and highest economic base in Gary. It offers beautiful sandy beaches located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, is surrounded by the National Dunes Lake Shore Park affording many recreational activities, and is positioned for efficient access to Chicago, the third largest city in the US.

Improving the safety, speed, accessibility, and convenience of the South Shore Commuter Train is a critical step in the economic revitalization of the City of Gary setting the stage for significant transit oriented development opportunities. The look and feel of the neighborhood surrounding the South Shore Miller Station will offer a greater sense of community and an inviting place to visit, shop, and dine through the installation of wider sidewalks, reconfigured parking, multi-use pathways, dedicated pedestrian crosswalks, landscaped medians, and green infrastructure.

The Miller Beach Arts & Creative District (MBACD) strongly supports the City of Gary in their Lakefront District endeavor.